3 NEW DATES Advanced Step Workshops

Dance Country Advanced Step Workshop
For those on the cusp of transitioning from beginner to improver level classes (you can do most beginner dances without much help) or in the improver class and want a little extra help with the more advanced steps, this workshop is for you! This 2 hour workshop will teach you the steps you need to succeed with high level dances. It’s the first time we are trying this with the goal of a smoother transition, faster success and more fun in our improver classes and at open dance here and Mishnock Barn. Please read the info below to see what you should know before taking this workshop. Dates-  Saturday Aug 17th, 2024 9:30AM – 11:45AM, Sunday October 20th 1:30PM to 3:45PM, Sunday December 15th 11:30AM to 1:45PM (15 minute break so feel free to bring a snack and drink) Cost: $25/person A guide to determine when to move from Beginner classes to Improver level. Our goal at Dance Country is to provide a safe, friendly, non-judgmental learning environment for everyone so that you can feel successful and have fun.  Moving from a Beginner class to an Improver class is a big step in terms of the difficulty of the dances.  In our beginner classes our instructors assume that there are at least some people not familiar with any of the basic steps.  As we progress through the session you should become more and more comfortable with the steps and thus the dances.  This takes different people different amounts of time.  Repeating the beginner class 2, 3 or more times is not a bad thing. There are plenty of beginner dances to learn and our instructors do their best to incorporate new dances for everyone each session.  Those retaking will see some repeats but, remember “repetition is our friend”.  Moving to the improver level too soon can cause stress, anxiety and feeling that you are not successful.  This class moves at a quicker pace and assumes that you know and are comfortable executing the basic steps by name without additional explanation. Keys to being successful
  1. Dance, Dance, Dance!!! As much as you can.  If you come to open dance, go other places to dance, come to beginner dance nights and/or practice in between, you will pick up the dances and move forward faster.
  2. Dance with people who are more experienced then you. Come to open dance nights, don’t be afraid to make a mistake, get yourself right in the middle of the more experienced dancers.
  3. Don’t move up too soon. Below are a list of beginner steps that you should be able to execute well before moving up.  By this we mean, without someone calling them or doing it with you.  You should know them by the name of the steps.  You should also be able to dance 15 to 20 beginner dances easily without having to watch someone else or have the steps called. If a beginner dance is called that you don’t know, it should feel pretty easy to jump out on the floor and pick up the basic steps.
Basic Beginner Steps
  • Coaster step
  • Jazz Box (in place, with ¼ turn, with ½ turn)
  • Kick ball change
  • Lindy
  • Pivot turns ( ¼ , ½, Combinations- 2 half pivots, quarter pivot, half pivot, rock replace-pivot turn)
  • Rocking chair
  • Step point and point step
  • Step touch, K step
  • Shuffle (forward, backwards, right and left)
  • Toe heel stomp (aka sugarfoot)
  • Triple step
  • Vine
  • Weave